Piano, Voice and Guitar Lessons

for Children and Adults

Instructor Marsha Sims

Piano, voice and guitar lessons are available with an experienced Music Teacher, Marsha Sims, at her studio in Redwood City, CA. She has a Master's Degree in Music, an Elementary Teaching Credential, and is a Performer (classical, opera, theater & pop).

  • Lessons are given weekly for 30, 45 or 60 minutes in Marsha’s Redwood Shores home music studio.
  • Lessons are fun, creative and relaxed so learning is a joy.
  • Marsha is great at understanding each student’s learning ability and individual interests and tailoring lessons accordingly.
    • Develop playing skills on piano and guitar
    • Learn good vocal technique
    • Read music and improvise in a variety of styles
    • Understand harmony and rhythm, write songs
    • Develop physical and mental coordination that will carry over into academic learning.
    • Participate in student recitals to gain performance experience.

Music lessons make a unique gift. Receive a discount on an introductory lesson.

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