This is the songwriting portfolio for Marsha Sims, that includes samples of her lyrics and songs. Hear her Christmas Song, Shepherd's Son. It was co-written with Bernard Haisch. Her poignant ballad about the Civil War, "Common Ground" co-written with Bernard Haisch, Paul Jefferson and Steve McClintock is also here.

In addition she is an experienced songwriter and can help you write your own songs.

Shepherd's Son

(Christmas story fictionalized from nativity narrative

Matthew 2:13-18)

VERSE 1: King Herod’s soldiers seeking the holy child,

Took up their knives, put on their swords and fanned out in the night.

The youngest soldier, Aaron the shepherd's son,

Knew only that the night would be a long, long one.

VERSE 2: As Aaron searched the hillside near Bethlehem,

He came upon a stable and he heard a child within.

He felt a voice say: "Aaron, I've chosen you,

Put down your sword, take up my son, 'til this night is through."

CHORUS: Shepherd’s Son, guard this child. Heaven’s most precious pearl.

He was born as a gift, a light for a darkened world.

“Tonight, thy will be done,” said the Shepherd’s Son.

VERSE: God’s trusted soldier cradling a little child,

Set out to lead the family safely till the morning light.

The Prince of Peace slipping through a fearful land

The weight of the world, the fate of the world riding in that soldier’s hands.


© 2001 Marsha Sims, Bernie Sims and Mike Lounibos


Common Ground

Verse 1: Sergeant Woods from Ohio, waw a puff of rifle smoke

And Private Sims from Georgia, had never shot a man before.

But that Yankee fell, not ten feet away.

Verse 2: The sergeant coughed and cleared his throat,

Reached up and grabbed that rebel's coat,

And said "Son, What's your name? I'm gonna die but you ain't to blame.

It's a crazy thing, I ‘d have done the same."

Chorus: But don't you think it's time we lay these old guns down?

Don't you think it's time, we found some common ground?

So the story is told today, how Bull Run waters

Ran red with blue and gray.

Verse 3: In an attic of an old farm house lies a letter long forgotten now

“Dear Mrs. Woods, I’m Private Sims

The poor wretched soul who shot your man

‘Til my dying day I will hear him say...”

Chorus: Don't you think it's time...

© 1998 Paul Jefferson, Bernie Sims, Marsha Sims, Steve McClintock

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