My Music and Artistry


Musical Performance

This is the Musical Performance portfolio for Marsha Sims that shows her zanier, more dramatic side. Enjoy a photo gallery of her opera, operetta and musical theater performances and an mp3 sample of her singing. Watch Marsha perform on video at the Castle Vecchio in Verona, Italy.


This is the songwriting portfolio for Marsha Sims, that includes samples of her lyrics and songs. Hear her Christmas Song, Shepherd's Son. It was co-written with Bernard Haisch. Her poignant ballad about the Civil War, "Common Ground" co-written with Bernard Haisch, Paul Jefferson and Steve McClintock is also here.


This is the Photography Portfolio for Marsha Sims that includes samples of her expertise, keen eye and various areas of interest.

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Graphic Arts

This is the Graphic Arts and Editorial Portfolio for Marsha Sims that includes samples of her graphics, designs, illustrations, brochures, ads, and print publications.

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My company, Aurora Concept, specializes in helping you to achieve your photographic and graphic goals. I care about your business, I listen, and craft your projects based on your individual needs. I can help your solve your problems whether you're starting from scratch or needing a re-design.

At Castle Vecchio, Verona, Italy