Policies and Rates

As your teacher I am committed to giving you my full attention and best effort to sing, play the piano or play the guitar, whichever you have chosen. I have many years of experience, a lifetime teaching credential and a master's degree in music, so you can have confidence in my ability to help you to achieve your goals.

My Rates are:

  • $50 for a 30-minute lesson
  • $65 for a 45-minute lesson
  • $80 for a 60-minute lesson

Discount Available

A 10% discount applies by paying for a set of 4 lessons IN ADVANCE. If you wish to use my discount plan the rates for a set of 4 lessons are:

  • $180 for 4 prepaid 30-minute lessons (or 2 hours total)
  • $234 for 4 prepaid 45-minute lessons (or 3 hours total)
  • $288 for 4 prepaid 60-minute lessons (or 4 hours total)


In return there are some things that I expect from you as a student:

  1. To be on time for your lessons. If you are late and we start late, that will be at the expense of your guaranteed time. I will give you the extra time if possible.
  2. To practice between lessons.
  3. To give me a minimum of 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your lesson. If not, then you agree to pay for the missed lesson, unless we can agree upon a mutually convenient make up session.
  4. That you will pay for each lesson at the end of your lesson, unless we have the advance lesson discount agreement in place.
  5. If the advance lesson discount agreement is in place, you agree to track when the payment for the next prepaid set of 4 lessons is due and to bring the payment to the first lesson of each new set. Payments must be made in a timely fashion or the regular rate is applied until the next round.